CRM With Text Messaging

Engage more prospects with Messages & powerful Text Campaigns

Messages and SMS Campaign are a great way to engage with your prospects. SMS marketing software can help you to connect with customers on a deeper level, building loyalty, trust and get them interested in your product & services.


Use text messages to grow and
nurture customer relationships

“89% of clients prefer to text a business rather than call.”

Powerful SMS features that can help you grow your business

  • Run Automated Marketing Campaigns
  • SMS Sequences, Workflows & Automations
  • Meeting Reminders
  • Send Bulk Text Messages
  • Message Inbox
  • Two-Way Messaging
Centralised Inbox

Connect all methods of communication to a single Inbox

Connect every form of communication to your inbox including email, SMS, social media, voicemail, webchat and more. Create rich customer experiences with real-time text messaging.

Easy to manage all of your customer interactions and communications in one place.

SMS Automations, Sequences and Workflows

Automate your manual tasks with SMS sequences

By setting up an SMS sequence, you can focus on your business goals and leave the tedious tasks to be completed by the automation.

Set up automated reminders for yourself or your team, send automated follow-ups after meetings or events, and even keep track of customer data without having to lift a finger.

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Build better relationships with Text Messages

Personalized Text Messages

Send personalized texts and ask quick questions

Salesboss enables you to send automated responses to new leads as well as personalized messages to existing and new customers based on their behaviors and preferences.

Sending personalised text messages to your customers increases trust and loyalty.

Local Phone Numbers

Connect with people around the world

You can search for numbers by country, and view a list of available numbers. Once you've found a number you like, you can purchase it directly through the CRM.

Mobile App

Stay connected while you're on the move

You don't have to be tied down to your computer to reply to SMS texts. With a mobile app, you can read and respond to messages from anywhere.

By being able to respond to texts from our mobile app, you can increase prospect engagement and close more deals.

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