Payments & Invoices

Track your sales, create quotes, and automate recurring payments with SalesBoss CRM

Start receiving payments for your products or services and keep track of
your sales numbers, invoice customers, and get paid faster.


Request payments
via text messages

Track your sales and collect payments from your
customers by text. Customers can pay by clicking
on the payment link they receive via text message.

Billing Reminders

Get paid faster, track and
follow up on every request

Get paid effortlessly. Automate recurring payments, get reminders, stop worrying about late payments.

Sends reminders so you never miss a payment again. Salesboss makes it easy to track payments and follow up with clients, so you can get paid quickly and easily.

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“According to a new study, customers who pay by text
message are more likely to make their payments on
time than those who use other methods.”

Get upto 98% open rates with
text messages

Whether you're sending a reminder for a payment, an upcoming appointment or
a special promotion, you can be sure that your message will be seen.

Streamlined payments and
accounting integrations

Salesboss makes collecting payments faster and easier
by syncing with payment and accounting systems.
We integrate with popular accounting and payment
systems i.e. Stripe, Paypal, Quickbooks, and Shopify so
you can focus on running your business, not chasing down payments.

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