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Put your business
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Automating your business can feel like having a personal assistant to handle the tedious & time-consuming tasks, so that you can spend more time developing relationships with customers.


What is Sales & Marketing Automation Software?

Sales and Marketing Automation Software is a set of programs & techniques that allows businesses to:

  • Save time, improve your sales and increase efficiency.
  • Helps your team and organization automate routine repetitive tasks, so you can focus on more important things.
  • Helps you manage your customer relationships, personalize comminucation, target new customers, and close more sales.

Automate almost anything
with Salesboss's advanced
Automation Software?

Sales Process Automation Software make it possible to put your everyday activities on autopilot. E.g. Appointment scheduling, sending email drip campaigns, follow-up messages, thank you messages, automatic invoices and payment reminders. You can also automate your prospecting, lead capture, lead nurturing, and much more.

  • Lead generation
  • Lead scoring
  • Automatic lead distribution
  • Send automatic campaigns
  • Sales nurture
  • Contact creation
  • Purchase follow-up
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Sales communications
  • No more manual data entries
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Engage with the right people at the right time

Connect with your customer as soon as they open your email to increase response rate.

Automations & workflows allow you to set the rules that tell CRM to do tasks for you. From automatically following up on leads, to sending out marketing materials, ensuring a customer is always up.

Convert leads & stay
connected with
automated follow-up

Automation gives you the ability to connect with customers, identify new prospects, and follow up with leads quickly and easily.

Create new engagement opportunities with your customers by understanding customer behaviour and needs. Develop targeted strategies to improve customer loyalty and increase sales.

No coding required just drag & drop

You can drag and drop elements to create your responses, which makes it very quick and easy to use. Save time by not having to manually respond to each webchat, Facebook, Google ans Texts.

Integrate with your
existing apps & tools
to trigger automations

Trigger automations by integrating with your existing apps and tools! You can automate all kinds of repetitive tasks, making your workflows more efficient and freeing up your time for other things.

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