CRM + Sales Pipeline Software

Close more leads and grow your business
with sales pipeline management

You can create multiple custom sales pipelines for your business
and get a bird's eye view of your entire sales cycle.


Don't get left behind – our sales
pipeline will give you the edge
you need to win.

With our drag-and-drop sales pipeline, you'll be able to move your leads
through the sales process faster and more efficiently.

Get a 360 degree view
of your customers

You'll be able to manage every single interaction you have with
your customers. Get a complete 360 degree view of your
customers to see how you can better serve them.

With visual sales pipeline, you can track leads, spot
opportunities, measure key activities, and streamline sales
workflows. This helps sales teams focus on success and
streamline their workflows.

  • Text-messaging
  • Build-in-calling
  • Voicemail drop
  • Webchat CRM

Create, customize and manage
multiple sales pipelines

Create your own sales stages, add activities to each stage, set due dates, and get an update on your progress every day. Create winning sales pipelines and manage them the way you have always imagined.

You can create a unique pipeline for your business and customize it every single stage.

Automate your
sales pipeline

Use automated actions to optimize your pipeline. Use
email notifications to keep your clients updated, so they
always know what's going on with their projects.

Create advanced campaigns using the powerful
segmentation tools, filters, and automations.

Grow your sales by having more meaningful
conversations and relationships with your prospects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you explain the sale of Pipeline Management CRM software in the easier term?
A CRM pipeline can be expressed as the visual representation of your sales cycles that can help you organize your prospects and estimate the overall revenue based on past behaviors.

How can you manage multiple sales pipelines in CRM software?
If you are a business owner who wants to automate everything that comes in the sales pipeline, then Salesboss CRM software is the best for you. Here you can create your own sales stages, add multiple activities for every stage, and then add a due date so that, with a click, you can get an update on your progress. Through our winning CRM software, you can affordably manage your sales pipeline with an additional customization option at every stage.

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