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The All-In-One CRM
for Sales, Marketing
& Automation.

Salesboss is the perfect sales CRM for businesses of all sizes. It gives you the power to take control of your sales process and close more deals.

With its easy-to-use interface and robust tools, Salesboss is the perfect CRM for Small Business Development.

The All-In-One CRM for Sales, Marketing & Automation

It’s everything you’ll ever need
to grow your business automatically

How can SalesBoss help you accelerate revenue?

CRM Software for Online Customer Service
Contact & Lead Capture

Generate more opportunities. and close deals faster.

Leads are consistently and automatically captured, using Salesboss's powerful CRM, landing page templates, funnels and appointment setting feature.

Get Salesboss to handle all your sales follow-ups to help you generate more sales and earn more business.

Sales and leads. with automated follow-up
Sales Automation, Sequences & Workflows

Get more sales and leads
with automated follow-up

Don't waste time on repetitive tasks! Automation can take care of them for you so you can focus on the really important stuff.

Convert potential customers with a series of automated emails & texts that follow-up on their initial inquiry.

Automated follow-up sequences help you to continue the conversation with interested parties, and turn them into paid customers.

Close more leads with sales pipeline
Sales Pipelines

Close more leads
with sales pipeline

Powerful, easy-to-use sales pipeline tool that helps you move leads faster, close more sales, and know the status of every deal in one place.

With Salesboss, you can easily drag-and-drop, create and customize your sales pipeline stages, add and manage leads, track deal progress, and more.

Engage more prospects with email & text messages
Email & Text Marketing

Engage more prospects
with email & text messages

With automated, personalised emails and messages, you can attract more qualified leads and clients.

You can easily send SMS messages right from the platform, and set up powerful bulk campaigns or more personalized drive in just a few clicks!

It helps keep track of sales goals and performance, and provides useful insights to help improve results.

Calendar & Appointments
Calendar & Appointments

Appointments made easy

Leads can easily book your services and activate automated follow-ups. This makes it easy for them to get the service they need and keeps you on top.

By automating your appointments, you can ensure that all leads are contacted in a timely manner, no matter how busy you are.


Get your review
invites automated

Get your review process automated to make inviting reviewers simpler than ever. Monitor, manage and improve your online reputation all in one place.

Salesboss automatically messages and emails your customers asking them to leave reviews. It is simple and efficient.

Invoices and Payments

Create invoices &
collect payments

With Salesboss CRM, businesses can manage their customer data, sales process and keep track of their billing and payments with ease.

Process payments right in your CRM by connecting your existing software tools seamlessly i.e. Quickbooks, Shopify, Stripe & Paypal.


Convert website visitors into leads with Webchat

Businesses can now get new customers in real time from their website using webchat.
Engage your website visitors as soon as they arrive. Visitor’s contact information is sent immediately to your mobile.

Add visitors to automated follow-up workflow for scheduling appointments and closing deals.

Analytics & Reports

Sales analytics and
marketing reports

Get insights from your data to make smart business decisions that will help you succeed.

Keep track of your sales figures on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to see how they compare to past periods!


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